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Category: RSLC Event

Holy Week

Remember how Jesus paraded into town on Palm Sunday with waving palms and laying cloaks in the road?  Well, we’re going to do the same thing in church on Palm Sunday, only a little backwards.  As worshippers, we’ll be the ones doing the parading to Jesus, bringing palms to the cross and leaving coats along the way!  The palms will fill the cross as sign of our praises, and the coats are the ones being collected to… [help me with remembering the details here]

On Maundy Thursday, April 6th, we recognize that Jesus is the completion of the Passover celebration.  We’ll explore the traditional Seder meal and how its significance is fulfilled by Jesus in multiple and sometimes surprising ways.

On Good Friday, there will be two options.  The first is a brief 45-minute service at 12 noon that will mostly follow a traditional non-communion liturgy.  Then at 7:00pm we will offer the poignant Tenebrae service during which we will meditate on each of the seven Last Words that Jesus spoke from the cross.  This service begins in light, but concludes with silence and complete darkness.  Although the services on this day are intense, you can’t truly appreciate Easter until we’ve been to the cross.