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Connect Groups

Connect Groups are Reconnecting!
Launching October 3rd

What are Connect Groups? These are small group ministries that usually meet in homes. Members share in Fellowship, prayer, join in serving others, and studying and growing in God’s Word.

Testimonial: “Over the years, we have carried each other through many crises, illnesses, hospitalizations, marriages, grandchildren, business struggles and successes, travel show-and-tells, grieved members moving away, shared food and recipes, and witnessed (and encouraged) each others spiritual growth. We have walked with Jesus together and all become closer to Him. We have learned to love God and each other more.” -Member of a Connect Group

How can I become connected to a group?: Email Lisa Highley at or Vince VanZago at

Find more information at the Connect table in the Fellowship area


Our Available Groups:

  • A (no name or host)
  • B (no name or host)
  • Cameron
  • Dohrer
  • Duclos
  • Friederick
  • Highley/Duclos (20’s to 30’s)
  • Hitchke
  • Johnsons
  • Martchenke (no host)
  • Martinez
  • Meske (OITA)
  • Timms
  • Van Zago