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Ushers are one of the first individuals that visitors encounter. Ushers should be friendly and willing to assist worshippers. They should also be knowledgeable with our worship practices and building layout, so that they may answer basic questions.

Ushers should arrive at least twenty minutes prior to their scheduled service. Ushers will be provided a quarterly schedule, and will approximately serve once a month. If it is not possible to fulfill a scheduled usher time, please find a replacement. If you cannot find a replacement prior to Thursday, please notify the church office, 303-469-3521. For the current schedule, click on Serving Others-Serving in Worship-Serving Schedules.

Here are some of the specific duties of an usher:

  • Wear Usher badge
  • Clear walks and doors of snow and ice.
  • Check in with Pastor and Elder for special instructions (i.e. baptism, etc.)
  • Turn on all lights including hall and restrooms
  • Make sure all sanctuary lights are on
  • Place “reserved” signs on designated pews as required
  • Insure there are plenty of the following before and after service: Hymnals, Bulletins, Attendance books and inserts, Pencils/Pens, Envelopes, Scratch pads
  • Pass out bulletins. No podium—Ushers in center and on side
  • Close large doors at beginning of service or earlier according to the noise level
  • No seating latecomers during scripture readings or prayers
  • Sit in the rear of the sanctuary and be available at all times during service
  • Perform head count of all in attendance and record
  • Receive offerings
  • Usher communion
  • Open doors at the end of service
  • Pick up and straighten all pews after each service
  • Recycle leftover bulletins in recycle box located in back of sanctuary
  • Turn off all lights in the facility including hall and restrooms after the final service
  • Collect attendance sheets after each service; place in Attendance folder