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Online Worship-Ash Wednesday February 17, 2021

Many Thanks to...

Those Who Serve In Online Worship

Pastor Phil Cameron- Pastor

Sarah O'Connor- Director of Worship

Colleen Martchenke- Worship Coordinator

Gladys Sweetwood- Communication Coordinator

Bill Martchenke- Scripture Readings

Music Offerings 

"Cheif of Sinners"

CCLI# 7064074
Written by William McComb & Richard Redhead
Arranged by Blake Flattley

"Simplicity" RSLC Praise Team

CCLI  # 7014654

Rend Collective

CCLI License # 1024819

"Nothing But the Blood of Jesus"

CCLI # 7064076
Written by Robert Lowry
Arranged by Blake Flattley

THANK YOU TO Communion Arts