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Online Worship-Sunday June 14, 2020

Second Sunday After Pentecost

Traditional Worship

Contemporary Worship


We join Christians all over the world in this significant act of worshiping God through our financial giving. You can mail checks to Risen Savior or you can click on the image below, for options to give online.

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Many Thanks to...

Those Who Serve In Online Worship

Pastor Phil Cameron- Senior Pastor

Sarah O'Connor- Director of Worship

Colleen Martchenke- Worship Coordinator

Gladys Sweetwood- Communication Coordinator

Specials thanks to help from

Scripture Readers- Ruth Hammes

Music Offerings 


Sandy Meske (piano), Ed Doolos (vocals)

RSLC Praise Team in Worship Today-

Phil Altpeter, Holly Cameron,

Ed Doolos, Paul Fernandez, Colten Highley,

Sarah O'Connor