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Cornerstone Ministry

Mission Statement:

Our Heavenly Father speaks to us through Paul’s writing in Galatians chapter 5 by telling us that “Through love, serve one another.” Cornerstone Ministry strives to fulfill this command by using the gifts He has given men of this congregation. With love, and through long term dedication, we provide the necessary care to fellow members such as single mothers, widows, and widowers who need assistance with routine household maintenance and other important chores which they cannot perform themselves.

Have you ever asked yourself the question “Who cares?” God created us for community and puts us in relationships because He cares.

What is Cornerstone Ministry ?

Cornerstone Ministry is teams of men from Risen Savior Lutheran Church who are matched with households needing assistance in various ways – from making basic household repairs or car maintenance to sharing a story or a laugh.

Under the Board of Group Fellowship and the Family Ministry Committee, Cornerstone Ministry has been developed to provide an opportunity for men to get together and serve those in need.

The ministry is very safe and well organized. It develops genuine friendships, both among the teams of men and the household in need.

More Details, Please…

  • Households who need assistance are called “Care Connections”. They could be single parents, widows or widowers, or people with short or long term disabilities and who would appreciate having a team of handy men around the house about once a month.
  • Teams of four men are called “Cornerstone Teams”. They are committed to monthly meetings for a year.
  • Teams will meet together for devotion, training, discussion, and service.
  • Background checks will be conducted on each team member.
  • Care Connections and Cornerstone Teams will be matched according to the needs of the household.

This ministry provides free labor but not the cost of the materials.

What kinds of things can a Cornerstone Team do at my House?

There is a general list of activities in the application packet for you to consider, such as: painting, minor repairs, and auto care.

How Do I get involved in the “Cornerstone Ministry”?

If you are a household in need, a widow, widower, or a single parent, you can pick up a “Care Connection” application packet from the church office. Submit the completed application to Risen Savior’s church office. The Cornerstone leadership team will then visit with you about your needs and provide a team to your home within 4-6 weeks depending on the application and available teams.

How Do I Become a Cornerstone Team Member?

Men, can you help around the house? Do you have certain skills? Would you like to help on a Cornerstone Team? Fill out a “Cornerstone Team” application available at the church office. One of the team leaders will call you to place you on a team and notify you of training.

Meetings and service projects take place on the third Saturday of each month.