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Year: 2016

EPIC Relationships

Connect Group Winter Series
Click here for EPIC Participants Guide Resouces

The “EPIC Relationships” series includes the sermon message along with weekly sermon notes
and a free downloadable Connect Group Participants Guide.

In this series, you will learn the top relational needs and practice how to:

LIVE courageously
LOVE generously

LAUGH hysterically

                                                             LEARN KEYS TO:

  1. looking beyond faults and irritations in others to see their true worth
  2. noticing when others are stressed and how to address that
  3. encouraging others without criticism
  4. seeking joy and not taking things for granted
  5. communicating your thoughts and needs
  6. having fun and laughter in your life

Christmas Eve Candlelight Services


                                      On Christmas Eve at 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. Family Services,
      Children's Ministry will be giving you a special chance to give an offering in honor of the Birth
                        of Baby Jesus, to help babies in the area through a special collection of
                                          new baby bottles, formula and diapers (infant thru 4T).

             The items collected will be donated to babies in need through Broomfield FISH.
  Bring these items early and drop them off at the display in the Fellowship Center OR You can
      bring your offering with you on Christmas Eve and bring it forward to a live manger scene
                                                        during the 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. services

Live Nativity


                                     Live Nativity
                      Wednesday, December 21
                                  6:00-8:00 p.m.

            The Live Nativity story begin at the top and bottom of the hour will be about 30 minutes
                                          then come inside, warm-up and enjoy refreshments

                     Invite friends and family to come experience Bible characters & live animals
                                 while listening to the Christmas Story and singing songs;
                                   then come inside, warm-up and enjoy refreshments

          Help Shine God’s Glory at this wonderful event sharing the true meaning of Christmas.

                           The Nativity Event will be outdoors and refreshments in the church

Star Trip- Our Faith Awakens


            Star Trip – Our Faith Awakens
      Children's Ministry Christmas Show                   
       Sunday, December 18 at 3:00 p.m.

     Mark your calendars now for this amazing show! The cast and crew of Star Trip have been working
               since September on the story of the 3 Wisemen’s journey to see the Christ Child!
       Spun in a new and fun way, our story opens like this:” A Long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.
     Well, not a galaxy far, far away but sort of far away. It is a period of unrest for the people of God.
      The empire of King Herod backed by the roman oppressors is a dark force in the land of Judah.
       Who can bring light into this dark situation?” Join Luke Skywatcher, Only One Kenobi and
                Yoma on their journey. Risen Savior Singers will be featured as they sing three
                    new Christmas songs with a live youth band! Come support our children!